Cash on delivery is a new service on our website. We provide cash on delivery for customers in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman, so that our customers can enjoy a better service. Please read the following instructions carefully:

  1. Conditions for selecting goods and confirming the order: For Middle Eastern countries, the COD threshold is $10-500 US dollars. Additionally, please fill in the main shipping address to ensure the delivery of goods to the correct location and receive SMS notifications for delivery.

  2. Order confirmation information: The order will be confirmed immediately after receiving the SMS confirmation via the mobile phone number you provided. After confirmation, you can log in to your account anytime to check the real-time status of your order.

  3. Modifying or canceling the order after confirmation: After confirming the order, you can cancel it before it is shipped. This is only applicable to orders that have not yet been shipped. Through this service, you can cancel the order yourself and add or delete specific products from the order.

Note: If the cancellation fails, it means the order has been processed and is ready to be shipped. In such cases, please contact customer service immediately to attempt canceling the order.

  1. Shipping preparation: Orders are shipped by different carriers. Please refer to the designated "transportation information" for detailed delivery times. There may be delays due to special circumstances. We will do our best to ship and deliver your order as soon as possible.

  2. Cash on delivery: Cash on delivery means that the shipping company will deliver the package to your address and collect the order amount in cash. Please ensure you have the cash ready in advance, and keep your mobile phone reachable so that the delivery company can contact you. The COD service fee is $5 for all Middle East orders. After confirming the order, please check the total amount on the invoice.

  3. Issues after receiving the goods: If there are any problems with your order after receiving it, please contact our customer service via your account on our website as soon as possible, and we will respond to you promptly.

  • If you paid by credit card, the refunded amount will be returned to your credit card. Please note that it usually takes 3-5 working days for the refund to be processed to the credit card. PayPal refunds will be instantly reflected in your account.

  • If you paid via PayPal, the refunded amount will be returned to your PayPal account.